Wire Brushes

Wire Brushes

Wire Brushes are an essential tool to have for the removal of paint, corrosion and rust.

Discovery Painting stocks a variety of brushes to suit the job you are undertaking.

The Harris Taskmasters Mini Wire & Nylon Brush 3 Pack are ideal for cleaning Surfaces and intricate work around the home, garden and workshop. Priced at $4.43 so excellent value.
If you need a bigger brush, then we would like to recommend Harris Contractor Soft Grip Stainless steel Wire Brush with Scraper. A brilliant Wire Brush with a Soft Comfortable handle. Which has a bonus paint scraper at the tip. The stainless steel bristles shouldn’t rust.  Priced at $6.47 another valuable tool to have.

If you need a basic wire brush, then we have a wooden handled 3-row wire brush which retails at $5.65.  All  Quality Brushes, Painting Accessories and Tools brought online can be shipped to Australia Wide.

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