Sand Paper & Abrasives

Sandpaper & Abrasives

Discovery Painting would like to offer you a selection of 9 different Sandpaper & Abrasives to complete your home project.

All our sandpaper comes in different grits depending on the surface or item you are preparing. Harris Taskmasters 120 Grit paper is a Premium quality sandpaper for the final surface preparation. This pack contain four sheets of Fine Sandpaper suitable for general decorating use.

Harris 80 Grit sandpaper is a Premium quality sandpaper for sanding down Bare Wood, filer and semi-rough surfaces.

Harris 60 Grit is suitable for hand use on wood, paint, varnish or plaster. You may prefer Harris Fine Aluminum Oxide 120 Grit Sandpaper. Another premium quality paper for general sanding. Aluminium Oxide sandpaper lasts longer than conventional sandpaper and resists clogging and comes in a 5-metre roll. Great value fora 5 metre roll

If you like flexible sanding blocks, then we have a selection for you. These handy blocks are great for delicate areas and achieve a neat finish on uneven surfaces Great on contoured or irregular shaped surfaces.

Go online now and choose all your sandpaper & Abrasives at excellent  prices

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