Paint Drill Multi Mixers

Paint Drill Multi Mixers

Here at Discovery Painting, we would like to offer you a selection of Paint drill multi mixers and paint plungers to make life a bit easier for you.

The Taskmasters Heavy Duty Multi mixer is for use with an electric drill with a 12mm drill chuck. It makes light work of mixing cement, mortar, plaster, paint, wallpaper paste and other liquids. The drill mixer retails at $9.69.

The Harris Taskmasters Multi mixer is suitable for smaller quantities of cement, mortar, plaster, paint and retails for $6.00. Multi-Mixer requires a 12mm Drill Chuck. We recommend that you do not use these with highly flammable liquids like paint thinners.

If you prefer mixing paint by hand, then we have a variety of paint plungers. These work much the same as the multi-mixers but without the help of the drill. Our paint plungers retail from $4.00.

With fast shipping, Australia Wide go online now and purchase all your accessories and tools before they sell out.

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