Painting Tools & Equipment Sale

Painting Tools & Equipment Sale

 Discovery Painting likes to give you a bargain in our  Painting Tools & Equipment Sale. We offer competitive prices on all our paint brushes, paint rollers, scrapers, paint pots, trays and buckets and kits and extension poles.

So take advantage and check in to the online store and see whats on offer this month. Discovery Painting often posts sales on eBay and if you prefer to shop there. Making it easy and affordable to get the best painting supplies Australia has to offer. Always at the lowest possible price.

 Top brand paint brushes, paint rollers, masking tape, dust sheets, drop sheets, sanding equipment and more.
We make it convenient to buy the painting accessories you need for any project. Quality should be a top priority regardless of the scope of work.

You will find everything you need to prepare the surface, apply the paint, and protect you and your furniture throughout the process.

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