Special Selection

Special Selection

Discovery Paintings Special Selection lists all 154 painting products & Tools sourced from L G Harris UK. Paint Roller Covers from Express Rollers in Australia.

A Special Selection of Paint Brushes from the USA called Pro Perfect. These brushes are an alternative to the Purdy Brush without the cost. Designed for all Paints and Stains and range in sizes from 76mm down to 38mm. These are either Angled Sash or Flat Brushes. Pro Perfect Prices start from $6.50 for the 38mm Flat Brush.

Harris prices start from $1.95  for a Taskmasters Paint Guard; Express Rollers start from $2.00 for a Black Foam 270mm Roller

From time to time we have Sales Events featuring many products from our vast range. At the moment we have Harris Taskmasters Roller Set and Extra Sleeve on sale for $8.10 down from $9.00. Harris Taskmasters 10 Foam Mini Rollers on sale for $12.00 down from $12.75.  So keep checking the site for Super sale Specials.

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