Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Being aware of Health & Safety whether in the workplace or at home is vitally important in protecting your self and others around you.

Discovery Painting stocks a variety of Health & Safety products to protect you during your painting or DIY projects.

Safety Goggles and Safety Glasses are ideal for protecting your eyes from flying objects. The adjustable headband sits comfortably on the back of the head. The clear construction will not blur vision.  One size should fit all.

Harris safety Glasses have a ventilated side shield to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer at all times.

Harris Painters Gloves are comfortable, hardwearing and moisture absorbent. The gloves are re-useable and can be washed after and reused. These gloves are handy for all sorts of jobs whether they for interior or exterior work. We often use these gloves when painting or sanding.

Why not buy a set of coveralls and stop paint from getting on your clothes.

Prices start online from $2.50. Fast Shipping Australia Wide.

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