Clean Up Products

Clean up Products

Knowing how to clean your painting tools and keep them in good condition is vital.We stock a variety of Clean up Products

Removing Acrylic Paint from brushes requires letting your brush sit in a bucket of clean water for a few minutes to soak then swirling your brush around in the water and gently wiping the brush up the sides of the bucket. Continue this until the brush is clean. You may need to change the water in the bucket several times before the brush is clean.

Removing an Oil-Based Paint from a brush is much the same except you will fill your bucket with Turpentine instead of water. Swirl the brush around in turps and wipe gently up the sides of the bucket until the brush is clean. Wipe dry on a cloth and store the brush in its cardboard holder for future use.

Making sure all your Scrapers and Filling Knives are clean after use will extend the life of your tools and ensure they are ready for you to use next time.

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