Paint Protection

Paint Protection

Paint Protection is what Discovery Painting excels in. We give you the best products for the job because we use the same products ourselves.

Our exclusive range of Drop Cloths and Dust Sheets are sourced directly from L G Harris LTD. The UK’s Number 1 Paint Brush and Roller Brand, manufacturer.  Dust Sheets are made from a Super Thick Cotton Twill and will protect your Carpets, Tiles and Furniture while decorating. We even have a Staircase, landing and Hallway Sheet 7.3m x 0.9m. .This is perfect for Protecting Australian Homes from drips and spills. Our Double Protection Dust Sheet has a Seep Resistant Polythene Backing for increased protection because sometimes paint or liquids do get spilt while decorating.

The collection of General Purpose Masking Tapes range in sizes from 24mm to 48mm in width and 50m in length. Harris Low Tack Masking Tape is ideal for Textured Wallpapered Surfaces and easily repositioned.

Painters Gloves, Coveralls, Dust Masks and Safety Glasses are all Supplied on one place because saving time is essential.

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