Paint Rollers

Paint Rollers

Paint Rollers are what Discovery Painting Excels in because we used the products ourselves. Our range of 43 different rollers will give you a big choice. All sold online here in Australia

Choosing a roller cover can be quite daunting but the surface you’re painting determines the nap (the thickness of the woven sleeve) you will need. Long nap roller covers are best-used on, brick, stonework and render. This thick and fluffy nap can hold more paint and get into the cracks and crevices of the rough surface. Medium nap roller covers are best for ceilings and walls. Foam rollers will produce the smoothest finish and are ideal for doors and gloss work.

We stock an extensive range of Microfibre rollers, Woven Fabric, Enhanced Polyester and Foam Roller Covers. All roller sleeves are available in a variety of sizes from 100mm foam mini roller covers up to 360mm industrial mohair sleeves and in a nap, 6mm to 18mm.

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