Paint Roller Kits

Paint Roller Kits

Discovery Painting likes to make choosing Paint Roller Kits Easy. We have sourced a variety of painting kits to suit most jobs at very reasonable prices.

Our Contractor Long Pile Masonry Roller Set for Masonry Paints on Brickwork and Render Surfaces contains a 270mm Long Nap Roller and Frame, 1 x 100mm Wall Brush and 270mm Paint Tray or for painting a room try the Harris Taskmasters Paint Brush and Roller Kit. This comprehensive kit includes two paint brushes 2 x 12mm rollers sleeves and one frame and one roller tray. Suitable for water-based paints on uneven surfaces.

If you prefer using paint pads, then we have a kit for you. This natural way to paint and is faster than using a brush. The kits contain pads and handle in 2 different sizes plus a window sash pad and only priced at $18.57.

Our painting kits start from $8.10 to $23.60. So make life easy and choose a paint set with everything you need to start the job straight away. Buy online in Australia Now.

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