Paint Pads & Sets

Paint Pads & Sets

Discovery Painting gives an alternative and more natural way to paint than using a roller. Try Harris Paint Pads & Sets.

The Harris 5 Part Paint Pad Set is supplied with a medium & large pad, Handle, Window Pad and tray. Made with simulated mohair; paint pads will apply water-based paints evenly and smoothly with no splatter giving fast and easy paint coverage across larger areas.

Replacement pads are easy to change. Slide the pad handle into the grooves and lock with the built-in clip. Reposition the handle for additional coverage in awkward areas. Pad handles are compatible with the Harris Extension poles or any extension pole with a push on end.

This system of painting has many uses from timber decking to walls or small spaces without the hassle of using a paint roller or brush. Prices start from $4.98 for a medium pad up to $18.57 for the 5 part paint pad set. Great value for an alternative way to paint.

Watch the how-to video on Paint Pads & Sets for more ideas.

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