Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes

Discovery Painting gives you the Best Quality Paint Brushes in Australia. Visit our online store and check out the many different Paint brushes available.

Our Top of The Range Paint Brush is the T Class Super CR. British made with a Hand chiselled Edge for Easier Cutting In and 100% Dupont Chinex Filaments. These Paint brushes are suitable for all paints but especially useful in modern heavier-bodied waterborne, acrylic and alkyd paints.

Try the Harris Transform Woodcare Brushes. These are perfect for painting interior furniture, doors and architraves with wood stains or varnish and with a Brushed Stainless Steel Ferrule means there will be no rusting.

How about the EasyClean Brushes. These brushes have the new Liquiflo System making them easy to clean with less water. Just brilliant for the Australian Climate. Available in 12mm up to 100mm.

Angled Sash Brushes are perfect for cutting in window and door frames or try our Artisan Fitch brushes for more detailed work. With many more in our range, there is a paint brush to suit every job.

Learn how to choose a brush in the How to Videos

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