Mini Paint Rollers

Mini Paint Rollers

Mini Paint Rollers are what Discovery Painting Excels in because we used the products ourselves. Our range of 11 different Mini Rollers will give you a big choice in Australia.

Choosing a roller cover can be quite daunting but the surface you’re painting determines the nap (the thickness of the Woven Sleeve) you will need.

Our Mini Rollers come in packs of 10 or smaller packs of 2. The Mini High-Density Foam Sleeves are 100mm in length and are suitable for Gloss Paints on Smooth Surfaces such as doors. If you prefer a Woven Fabric Mini Roller, then the Harris Taskmasters 10 Varnish Roller Sleeves in 100mm are suitable for Gloss and Varnish on Smooth Surfaces. An alternative would be Harris Mini Roller Sleeves for Emulsion Paints again for use on smooth surfaces.

Don’t forget your other painting accessories of  Frames, Trays, Buckets, Tools, Masking Tapes and Paint Brushes.

Learn how to look after you rollers in the How to Videos

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