Extension Poles & Accessories

Extension Poles &  Accessories

Have you ever started a painting project and found your self-going up and down a ladder to refill your Paint roller with paint or you balance your painting tray on the top of the ladder. If you have then you need to try the Harris T Class Double Click Lock Extension Pole. Push-fit or screw the end of your roller frame into the extension pole and extend to the height you need without using a ladder. The pole has a no-twist dual locking mechanism and manufactured from durable fibreglass and aluminium. Making it strong and light to use.

These quality extension poles & accessories are available in 3 sizes, and additional extension pole adaptors can be purchased at the same time. This product will last for many painting projects and is an essential part of your tools needed to get a professional look.

Prices start from $25.96 for the 624mm x 1248mm Pole and are available in Store.

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