Paint Application

Paint Application Accessories

Paint Application Accessories are what Discovery Painting excels at.

We give you the Best Quality Paint Application Products in Australia because we use them ourselves. Our broad range of 62 Paint Brushes and 12 Multipack Paint Brushes will provide you with a choice you need to complete your project on time.

In fact, we have Fitches and Artists Brushes for intricate hard to reach jobs. Woodcare Brushes for Varnishes and Stains.  Paint Brushes that are easy to clean and save water to top quality T Class Super CR Paint brushes that have hand chiselled edges for enhanced cutting in capabilities.

If you need a paint roller cover or sleeve, then we have a range of 48 different types of Mini Foam Rollers to Industrial Mohair covers, Microfibre and Enhanced Fabric Paint Roller covers.

Paint Buckets, Pots, and Trays in all sizes. Roller Frames 100mm to 270mm, Double Click Extension Poles extending up to 3.6m in length. Complete Paint kits and Paint Pads.

All paint application products supplied in one place online. Shipped Australia Wide.

Watch the how-to videos for advice on Painting a room

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