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Harris Transform 230mm Fence and decking set sku 10601  Harris Taskmasters 3 Pack of Dust Masks sku 5085  Express rollerspaint drillb mixer attachment

Best Reasons to Buy Your Painting Accessories Online

Every great paint job starts with the purchase of the right tools. Discovery Paint makes it easy to get all the painting accessories  you need at one convenient online location. Now you can buy your painting accessories online. We offer an extensive line of professional grade products at wholesale prices. Make your purchase with a single secure payment and get fast delivery to your door.

Better Quality Painting Supplies in One Convenient Shopping Location

When you begin a painting project, you don’t want to shop around for everything you need. If you pick and choose from one site to the next, it is almost impossible to get the best quality or the best value.

Discovery Painting makes it easy and affordable to get the best painting supplies Australia has to offer at the lowest possible cost. We offer top brand paint brushes, paint rollers, masking tape, dust sheets, drop sheets, plasterboard tools, paint sprayers, sanding equipment and more.

We make it convenient to buy the painting accessories you need for any project. Quality should be a top priority regardless of the scope of work. You will find everything you need to prepare the surface, apply the paint, and protect you and your furniture throughout the process.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Painting Accessories

It isn’t enough to get the highest quality paint for the job. If you skimp on the painting accessories, you won’t get the smooth application you had imagined. Some details have made Harris brushes and Express rollers top names in the painting industry.

Harris Brushes – Nothing is more frustrating than trying to paint with a paint brush that loses its bristles! Bristles that get into the paint result in permanent flaws to the finish. Harris paintbrushes made with the finest natural bristles combined with synthetic filaments to prevent breakage or shedding while painting. We are proud to offer a broad selection of Harris brushes to help you get exceptional results from your paint job at any angle.

Express Rollers – Paint rollers that don’t hold or release paint accurately will result in an uneven application of paint to the surface. Express Paint Rollers are made of 100% Australian Merino lambskin to produce the best possible release of paint for a flawless finish.

Discovery Painting can provide everything you need in one online order. We offer fast delivery to any region of Australia. To get top quality painting products at the lowest cost and with quick delivery, call us at 08 9303 2638 or email

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