How To Videos

How to Videos

Here at Discovery Painting not only are we Professional Painters in the Residential and Commercial side of the industry but also sell the painting accessories and tools used in the business. A lot of people would like to complete a home painting project themselves and in there own time, without bringing in the professionals. The how-to videos chosen below should give you the confidence to start your project.

Not everybody has the knowledge or DIY skills to start a room renovation. It can be tricky choosing the right paint or the right brushes. Customers often asked for tips and advice on many home painting projects.  As a result, have put together a selection of short Harris  ‘how to videos”.  Firstly to get you up and running and maybe give you some new ideas on the way.

These videos cover how to choose a brush or paint roller to cleaning your brushes. Preparing a room for painting or wallpaper, painting walls. Maybe start a new project like repainting a chair or an old picture frame. The videos are full of excellent house painting tips for you to get results, especially if you have never painted before.  Finally at the end of each clip are a list of the tools which can be purchased straight from the website.

 So what could be easier? Get started on the project you have promised yourself. Watch the videos, then buy the equipment all in one place. Happy Painting

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