Specialty Paint Effects – The easy way to change the look of a room.


Discovery Painting was recently asked to redesign the look of a room using Special Effect Paints. The brief was that the room was to be used as a Home Theatre / Lounge room with the ceiling lowered and a new Fibre Optic Black Starlight Ceiling installed. The new area is overlooked by a large recently renovated Kitchen, so the colours and style had to flow from one area to another. The client needed the room to feel warm and inviting for its new use.

After some time choosing colours, the Client decided to go with Dulux Design Copper Effects Paint. This paint creates the lustrous look of metallic copper in the home and is often used on feature walls or painted onto home accessories. Step number one was to prepare the walls by filling in any holes and dents. Once the wall filler had dried, they were sanded to a smooth finish and cleared of any dust and dirt. A sealer was applied over the entire wall because a considerable amount of imperfections filled. Once dried the wall was checked for any flaws. Now the fun starts.


The client had told us that the ceiling was being lowered, so the decision was made to paint the entire cornice the copper colour, no taping was required.  Taskmasters Drop cloths were placed on the floor as the copper paint was quite a thin consistency.  Any areas not painted were protected with Harris Masking Tape, this included the lights, skirtings, windows and door frames. The first coat was applied using a Hi-Tech Micro Fibre Roller cover and The Harris Double click extension pole. It’s not necessary to apply with a roller, use a brush, but the whole room needed completing, and a roller made things quicker and easier. The first coat barely covered the walls.


The room was left to dry for several hours. Once dried, the room was cut in then a second coat of paint was applied. The photos below show paint coat number two becoming more substantial but still not perfect.


After leaving the walls to dry for the second time, the final coat was applied using a bagging effect. The paint was brushed on to the walls with a second person following behind creating patterns in the wet paint with either a sponge, cloth or bag. This third coat has to be applied relatively quickly and accurately as the paint dries fast. Correcting mistakes as long as the paint hasn’t been left too long to dry.

The pictures below show the final coat. What a difference!!

The Final coat almost looks like wallpaper with the mottled effect showing. The Copper paint will dull over time to a slightly darker shade, but this improves the look and becomes a unique piece of art for the walls. If you feel you cant attempt, this special paint effect give Discovery Painting a call on 08 9303 2638 and arrange a free quote.

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