How To Choose The Correct Paint Roller

It can be confusing to know which Pile or Nap you need when buying a paint roller as it depends on the texture of the wall you will be painting. Flat surfaces such as plastered walls require a Short Nap (6mm) Roller. Short Nap Rollers pick up less paint but allow for easy application and provide a smooth and even finish. Short Nap Foam rollers for painting Flat Doors, or when using a semi-gloss or gloss paint on walls and ceilings. Foam rollers come in a range of sizes from 100mm up to 270mm and are therefore really useful for painting smaller areas with gloss or semi-gloss paints.

A Medium Nap (10mm to 15mm) Paint Roller is best suited to uneven or semi-smooth surfaces and for use with Low Sheen or Flat Paints. Medium Nap rollers pick up a fair amount of paint and allow the user to paint a large area all in one go, which is excellent for painting ceilings and walls. Discovery Painting stocks the following medium nap rollers.


For heavily textured or exterior surfaces such as concrete or masonry walls a long pile roller is recommended. Long pile rollers pick up a lot of paint which ensures easy application for a quality finish. Discovery Painting stocks an excellent Long Pile Masonry Roller set which contains a long pile roller and frame plus a 100mm brush and roller tray. This Set is quite popular with clients that need to paint exterior surfaces.

Sheepskin rollers have an extra long pile and will provide a superb finish on extra rough surfaces. The more textured a surface, the longer and thicker the nap will need to be. Sheepskin rollers may take a little while longer to wash out since they are thicker but are well worth the effort.

As with most Paint rollers, remember to rinse the roller cover before the first use to remove any loose threads or fluff. Dry the sleeve then you are ready to start painting.

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