Feature Walls

What is a feature wall?

A feature wall is a great way to create a unique space and focal point within a room through colour and print. Designed in many different ways, but the most popular choices are through paint and wallpaper although any other type of wall cover can be used. Tiles as feature walls are becoming more popular in modern new builds. They can be suited to any room, are easy to create and have a high impact.

There are many different types of feature walls to choose from but deciding on the right kind of feature wall for you comes down to 3 factors. You will need to consider the space and size of the room, colour scheme and style of decor and whether to wallpaper or paint or tile.


Room Size and Location

A compelling feature wall can enhance the appearance of a room and in some cases even make a place appear bigger. A small room with darker coloured paint could make space appear darker and smaller than it is. This style of the room might benefit more from a bright and airy painted feature wall to create the illusion of light and space.

You may have a larger room that you want to create a feature wall for, like a bedroom or living room. The area may already have a natural focal point, which makes the process a little easier. Consider your furniture layout and any existing design features. For example in a bedroom, this will be where the headboard is, or in a living room, where your furniture points to or the chimney breast.


Colour scheme and decor

The colour palette and decor of the room is a crucial factor for deciding on the type of feature wall you want. If you have a minimal design and colour scheme, then your feature wall may wish to follow suit. Or if your room has a mixture of colours and prints, then a feature wall can be a great way to bring it all together and connect all the different colours within the room. Furniture can also add colour to the room if the walls are plain.

You can go as bold or as minimal as you wish with wallpaper and paint. You may choose to have a solid colour feature wall if the room has a lot of different colours, prints or textures already. This will give the place a focus and tie in with the theme you already have. Alternatively, you may opt for wallpaper that makes a statement.

Wallpaper or Paint

Both paint and wallpaper come with an unlimited choice of colours and prints, so choosing one for your feature wall is down to preference and how much time you can dedicate to decorating or get Discovery Painting in to complete.

When painting a wall, you will need a selection of different brushes and rollers. We suggest that before painting the whole wall, you use should look at our variety of paint brushes and rollers to cut in around the edges of the wall, skirting and light switches.

Wallpapering can be just as tricky as choosing a wallpaper. We recommend wallpapering from left to right, or if the room has a focal point such as a fireplace, then you should start in the middle. The key to wallpapering is preparation and having the right tools. Find out how to master hanging wallpaper by watching our how-to videos here. Discovery Painting provides a wallpapering service so give us a call and get a free quote.

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