07 Sep

Painting – Anyone can do it !!

Painting – Anyone can do it !! Painting – Anyone can do it !! This, as professional painters, is what we hear from customers who have attempted to repaint their own homes.  We often get called in to rectify mistakes from people who have thought it was easy just to slap a bit of paint…

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29 Aug

Feature Walls

What is a feature wall? A feature wall is a great way to create a unique space and focal point within a room through colour and print. Designed in many different ways, but the most popular choices are through paint and wallpaper although any other type of wall cover can be used. Tiles as feature…

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06 Aug

How The Power of Paint Can Transform Your Home

How the power of paint can transform your home: Renovation expert reveals how spending just $10k resulted in a $60k profit – and the colours that will make your property look expensive   TV renovation expert Cherie Barber revealed how paint could transform a home Cherie explained she invested $10k in a property, and had…

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21 Jun

How To Choose The Correct Paint Roller

It can be confusing to know which Pile or Nap you need when buying a paint roller as it depends on the texture of the wall you will be painting. Flat surfaces such as plastered walls require a Short Nap (6mm) Roller. Short Nap Rollers pick up less paint but allow for easy application and…

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30 May

Specialty Paint Effects – The easy way to change the look of a room.

  Discovery Painting was recently asked to redesign the look of a room using Special Effect Paints. The brief was that the room was to be used as a Home Theatre / Lounge room with the ceiling lowered and a new Fibre Optic Black Starlight Ceiling installed. The new area is overlooked by a large…

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